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    SubjectRe: swappiness=0 makes software suspend fail.
    On Mon, May 31, 2004 at 01:50:49PM +0200, Pavel Machek wrote:

    > I believe stefan has some script that fixes swap signature using dd if
    > it detects suspend signature...

    this is in boot.swap initscript:

    check_swap_sig () {
    local part="$(get_swap_id)"
    local where what type rest p c
    while read where what type rest ; do
    test "$type" = "swap" || continue
    for p in $part ; do
    test "$p" = "$where" && c=true
    case "$(dd if=$where bs=1 count=6 skip=4086 2>/dev/null)" in
    S1SUSP|S2SUSP) mkswap $where
    done < /etc/fstab

    so if the user passes "noresume", the boot scripts fix up the mess :-)
    An unconditional "mkswap" on the swap partition is a not-so-good idea
    unless you check the ID of the partition from the partition table since
    mkswap will create swap on anything you give him which may not always
    be what you wanted.

    Anyway, i think it is not too bad doing such cleanup stuff in userspace.

    Stefan Seyfried QA / R&D mobile devices, SUSE LINUX AG

    "Any ideas, John?"
    "Well, surrounding thems out."
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