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    SubjectRe: keyboard problem with 2.6.6
    Sau Dan Lee wrote:
    > Yeah. They say the input system "unifies" the interface to
    > keyboard/mouse devices. They're also proud that the in-kernel
    > keyboard/mouse drivers are supporting more and more devices. But at
    > the same time, they're sacrificing flexibility by moving many codes
    > into kernel. (GPM supports more mouse types!) The new system also
    > breaks backward compatibility.

    The new system has some ups and downs. The biggest "down",
    which is that of RAW mode not being available anymore (it's
    emulated!) could be circumvented by having both the RAW and
    translated codes move between layers.

    Concerning GPM vs kernel support for mice, maybe we can hope
    for a merging of the efforts and a reduction of code
    duplication, if there is any?

    Overall, I think that the new system *could* be a good starting
    point, but it still needs a *lot* of work.

    (Now, if we could have any reply from the maintainers?)

    Giuseppe "Oblomov" Bilotta

    Can't you see
    It all makes perfect sense
    Expressed in dollar and cents
    Pounds shillings and pence
    (Roger Waters)

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