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    SubjectRe: 2.6.7-rc1-mm1: revert leave-runtime-suspended-devices-off-at-system-resume.patch
    On Fri, 2004-05-28 at 01:34, Todd Poynor wrote:

    > > 2.6.7-rc-mm1 includes
    > > "leave-runtime-suspended-devices-off-at-system-resume" which causes
    > > mayor problems when used on my ACPI laptop. After resuming from S3
    > > (STR), both the CardBus and UHCI-HCD bridges won't come up from
    > > suspension, rendering them completely unusable: neither my CardBus NIC,
    > > nor my USB mouse are recognized or functional.
    > Aargh, USB drivers appear to be the only drivers to modify that field, I
    > didn't catch that, sorry. The following patch against 2.6.6 adds a new
    > field for "previous state", so that drivers that modify their own
    > dev->power.power_state during the suspend callback will be resumed. Can
    > send a patch to fix 2.6.7-rc1-mm1 if desired.

    I would like to see the patch against 2.6.7-rc1-mm1.

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