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SubjectRe: two patches - request for comments
Hi, you're adding new interfaces for power management of LCD and 
backlight devices. Since there's already LDM/sysfs interfaces for
reading and writing power state of generic devices, is it necessary to
add ones particular to these devices or device classes? In other words,
is /sys/devices/<bus>/<device>/power/state not suitable for these purposes?

And if a PM interface for device classes is needed that ties into the
device driver suspend/resume callbacks, perhaps it can be modeled more
closely on the existing interfaces? These new interfaces seem to be
intended to define: 0 == power off, 1 == power on. The existing
ACPI-inspired interfaces use: 0 == power on/full-power, 1/2/3/4 ==
low-power/off state.

New files don't have GPL license comments.

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