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Subjecttwo patches - request for comments

I'm going to submit the class_find_device() patch (attached for your
convenience) as a pre-requisite for the backlight/lcd device class patch
(also included so that you can take at it as well) via Russel King (the
backlight/lcd patch is needed for our ARM-based handhelds framebuffer
devices). Any comments/objections are welcome.

The LCD and backlight device classes were implemented with the following in

a) Allow user-mode code to control backlight and lcd (notably for
handhelds this is a must). This is done via sysfs (/sys/class/backlight/XXX/
and /sys/class/lcd/XXX/ where XXX is something like mq1100fb0).

b) Allow framebuffer devices to find and contact the respective backlight and
lcd devices (they are using the same name as the framebuffer device). This is
needed to implement the respective calls to backlight and lcd devices for
power management.


P.S. I've posted a similar message on linux-fbdev mailing listt; forgive me if
you seen it twice.
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