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SubjectRe: keyboard problem with 2.6.6
On Tue, May 25, 2004 at 10:16:16PM +0200, Chris Osicki wrote:

> I recently moved to kernel 2.6.6 from 2.4.26 and noticed that four keys
> on my keyboard stopped working.
> The kernel reports:
> keyboard: unrecognized scancode (XX) - ignored
> Where XX is 71, 72, 74, 75.

Hmm. This message seems to be from arch/arm26/lib/kbd.c
Is this message from 2.6.6? Is this an ARM?

> My setup is quite unusual as I'm using Sun type 5 keyboard on my
> PC with a self-made adapter. However, this setup has worked for at
> least six years with different kernel versions.
> The four keys which don't work anymore are from the function-key-set
> on the left hand side of the keyboard, if you know what a Sun
> keyboard looks like.
> I tried to solve my problem using setkeycodes and tried:
> setkeycodes 71 101
> as 101 was unused keycode (according to getkeycodes)
> getkeycodes reported after that:
> # getkeycodes | grep 0x70
> 0x70: 93 101 0 89 0 0 85 91

Your report is a bit messy. You change things for scancode 0x71 and then
expect the keycode for 0x70 to be changed?

> But showkeys -s shows 0x5b when the key in question is pressed
> (and no release event!!??)

Given a careful and precise report, no doubt it will be clear
what your situation is. Mention architecture, scancodes under 2.4,
scancodes under 2.6.


[The situation with arch/arm26/lib/kbd.c is funny.
That is the old keyboard code that was removed from
the general kernel code. No doubt it should be updated.]
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