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    SubjectRe: Can't make XFS work with 2.6.6
    On Thursday 27 May 2004 20:04, David Aubin wrote:
    > Did you create these drives with any of the following
    > attributes?
    > # CONFIG_XFS_RT is not set
    > # CONFIG_XFS_QUOTA is not set
    > # CONFIG_XFS_SECURITY is not set
    > # CONFIG_XFS_POSIX_ACL is not set
    > If you did then please enable them and rebuild your kernel.

    Nope, it's just a plain XFS partition as created by debian-installer.

    > Also, hd(0,0) is /dev/hda3 correct? You didn't swap
    > ide cables or anything and are now tring to boot off of
    > an old kernel?

    hd(0,0) is hda1 which is the boot partition. And no I've not touched the IDE
    cables. A 2.4 kernel with an almost identical Grub entry works fine.

    > I don't have an XFS system. But I belive it works with 2.6.*
    > kernels. You problem looks like you are missing xfs support in
    > your kernel. If you say you have it compilied in, then perhaps
    > you are not booting the kernel you think you are.

    I have XFS working fine with 2.6.6 on another machine.
    I've just made sure that I'm booting the correct kernel, and I am.

    This is starting to drive me mad now!


    David Johnson
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