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SubjectRe: ANNOUNCE: CE Linux Forum - Specification V1.0 draft
Russell King wrote:
> On Wed, May 19, 2004 at 12:30:42PM -0700, Tim Bird wrote:
>>The non-normative section of this spec. explains where this was
>>a problem in 2.4, and why it is desirable, from the standpoint of
>>bootup time reduction, to avoid these busywaits.
> In this case, it's really a bug that IDE is using a busy wait where it
> should be using a sleeping wait. It's a bug, plain and simple. To
> wrap the bug into "a spec" somehow seems wrong to me, especially when
> it would be far better to report the problem as a bug.
> Sure, specs make suit-wearing people happy, but that doesn't mean that
> they're appropriate as a bug reporting method. 8)

Use libata, which does polling and sleeping ;-)


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