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    SubjectRe: [patch] kill off PC9800
    Adrian Bunk replied to me:

    > > When were PowerPC, MIPS (other than embedded), and Alpha chips last
    > > manufactured, and how popular are they?
    > All of them are still manufactored.

    Oh, then there is no comparison. I had not seen any in the marketplace in
    recent years and just assumed they were no longer being made.

    > With at about 3 million computers and notebooks sold with a preinstalled
    > Unix in 2003, PowerPC is definitely one of the most popular Unix
    > platforms today.

    OK, but I'll bet the preinstalled Unix isn't Linux. You don't say how many
    owners switched to Linux, so as a WAG let's say 10%. Let's also WAG that
    10% of PC9800 owners switched from preinstalled Monopoly Windows to X11
    Windows plus Linux. I'll bet that the number of PC9800 machines still in
    existence is an order of magnitude larger than the number of PowerPC
    machines still in existence (including current ones).

    This still doesn't mean that I like the PC9800 by the way. For comparison,
    Monopolysoft taught me to hate Monopolysoft, but for some reason I think it
    would not be wise to delete FAT and NTFS filesystem handlers from Linux.

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