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SubjectRe: aic79xx trouble

On Thu, 13 May 2004, Bernd Schubert wrote:

> Oh, I forgot the system specifications:
> - dual opteron on tyan S2882 board
> - vanilla linux-2.4.26
> > we are just in the process of setting up a new server, which will serve the
> > data of an IDE/SCSI raid system (transtec 5008). Some partions of this raid
> > device are also mirrored via drbd to a failover system. During a full
> > resync of all (3) failover partitions *from* the failover server, the
> > main-server first logs many scsi errors and later the access to the
> > raid-partitions completely locks up.
> >
> > Below is some relevant dmesg output, I already enabled the verbose option
> > for the aic79xx driver. Should I also enable debugging, if so, which mode?

The Adaptec Ultra320 cards (aic79xx) do not work reliably on Tyan Thunder
motherboards. Lots of SCSI errors and eventually complete system lockup.
I guess those motherboards have a crappy PCI bus with a lot of noise
that can't cope with the high transfer speed of these SCSI cards.
I suggest you try an Ultra160 card. We have 3 Tyan Thunder based systems
here (those are dual Athlon MP2800) that work fine with Adaptec Ultra160
cards (aic7xxx) but give lots of errors with the Ultra320 cards.

Etienne Vogt (
Unix System Manager
Observatoire de Paris-Meudon, France
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