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    SubjectVM documentation and book


    A long time ago, I told a number of people that I was asked to write a
    book based on the Linux VM documentation I had up on . I am happy to announce that this
    book is finished and now available in online stores
    ( Yes, this is a plug! It is
    published under the OPL as per the criteria of the Bruce Perens Open Book
    Series ( meaning it will be available for free
    download after 90 days. In other words, I intended for it to be easily
    available like the online documentation was but the option of having your
    own shiny printed copy is there :)

    The information on the web site will remain as it is for people that want
    to read it but the book has a lot more information in it including TLB
    management, shared memory filesystem, a lot more code commentary and extra
    material and clarifications throughout the whole book. Each chapter also
    has information on the 2.6 kernel as was known around about 2.6.0-test4
    which will help anyone trying to figure out the more recent code for

    It has been fun and I hope people enjoy the final result.

    Mel Gorman

    Mel Gorman
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