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SubjectRe: [RFC] [DRAFT] [udev PATCH] First attempt at vendor RAID support in 2.6

I just returned from my vacation and checked my emails. That's why the
response is so late.

Carl-Daniel Hailfinger wrote:
>>>- People checking the numerous FIXMEs
> I now have the following FIXMEs (aka "I have no idea about it"):
> - 5 FIXMEs in the Medley RAID code. Thomas, could you comment once you're
> back?
> - 3 FIXMEs in the Highpoint RAID code. Wilfried, could you please take a
> look at them?

1) FIXME: Does "no array defined" correspond to HPT_T_SINGLEDISK?
I have to check this but I believe it is so.

2) FIXME: Is HPT_T_RAID_01_RAID_1 a value that can ever be found?
I think this is the new style raid-10 format that is supported by hpt374
and upwards. I do not have such a controller so I cannot verify this.

3) FIXME: what does HPT_MAGIC_BAD mean?
You get this if you pull one disk out of a raid-0 array for example. The
HPT-BIOS detects that the raid is not operational and marks the array as
bad (writes the HPT_MAGIC_BAD to the remaining disks).


>>>- More data about Medley/Highpoint vendor superblocks (can I check for
>>>bogus values?)
> Wilfried, is there any consistency check I can add for Highpoint?

I have not found any crc or so. But since HPT marks any disks that is
not in an array as HPT_T_SINGLEDISK or HPT_MAGIC_BAD we should be fine
unless someone writes some garbage to the superblock.

>>>- Help with sorting out who owns which copyrights
> This is still a _big issue_.

The HPT copyrights look fine.

I am looking forward to see the part that writes the dm configuration so
that I can integrate it into the evms plugin.


PS: add_disk_to_raidlists() does never return retval!
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