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Subjectsetgid - its current use
Hello Everyone,

A long time back there was discussion over setuid/setgid and how its been
replaced by Capabilities (This is what i understood from the
archives...please correct me if im wrong).

I'd like to know the possibility of using setgid for users to switch their
groups and work as a member of a particular group. Essentially, if i want
one user, who belongs to groups X, Y and Z to create a file as a member of
group Y while he's logged on as a member of group X, would it be possible
through setgid() ?

would i need to change all programs that need this capability ?

or is there a way in the kernel do achieve this ?

Can i use capabilities in some way to achieve this ?

Any pointers would be really helpful. i don't mind reading up on heavy
documentation, if i only know where to look.

Also, im not subscribed to this list, so I'd appreciate it if replies
could be CC'd to If there's any other information
that I should provide to clarify my question, please let me know.

Thanks !

Dhruv Gami

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