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SubjectRe: High CPU temp on Athlon MP w/ recent 2.6 kernels
On Tuesday 06 April 2004 16:45, Joerg Sommrey wrote:
>On Tue, Apr 06, 2004 at 04:26:37PM -0400, Gene Heskett wrote:
>> But join the 70C club, that AMD athlon keeps itself at a medium
>> simmer full time. Mine has been running 67-72C for 3 years now.
>> Strangly, shutting down setiathome doesn't cool it by more than a
>> couple degrees C. And, its got a $50 all copper Glaciator cooler
>> on it, heavy heavy heavy.
>That's not quite my point. I am not afraid of running my athlons at
>70C. I just don't want to. With Debian Woody they ran at <40C,
> which is impressing IMHO. An upgrade to Sarge raised the temp for
> about 5K, which is still very cool. This temperature didn't change
> when I upgraded to an early 2.6 kernel. Just after 2.6.3-mm4 there
> was this jump for 10K that I just do not understand. It doesn't
> hurt the athlons but seems unnecessary to me.

40C? Shut down for an hour to cool, I've never seen the post on my
board show less than 63C by the time it gets to that part of the
bios. I'm running a 1400DX at 1400mhz, so the bios thinks its a
1600DX, and I've got vcore set down to 1.65 volts which helps a bit.

Actually, the athlons seem to have a builtin shutdown at 75C, I've hit
that once or 3 times when the air under the desk was trapped worse
than usual. Makes for downright ugly reboots...

Cheers, Gene
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