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    Subject-mmX 4G patches feedback

    >- I've dropped the 4G/4G patch and the remap-file-pages-prot patch. Two
    > reasons:
    > a) They create a lot of noise in areas where Hugh, Andrea and others
    > are working
    > b) -mm has been a bit flakey for a few people lately and I suspect the
    > problems are related to early-startup changes in the 4:4 patch.

    Andrew -- some data on the 4G/4G problems:

    The following kernels with 4G/4G enabled would hang my box about once every 24

    The 2.6.5-rc3-mm4 kernel with 4G/4G enabled has been much more stable (like
    earlier -mmX kernels with 4G/4G enabled).

    The 4G/4G patch is still useful for me -- although 64bit linux (x86_64) is the
    best 'real' long-term solution to large memory jobs.

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