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    SubjectRe: Input system and keycodes > 256
    Hi Benoit ;),

    > There are two kind of addons keys, some works (scancode in the e0 XX
    > form): Email, Prev, Next, Play/Pause, Vol+/-, Mute, ...
    > + some of thoses generate a simple keycode eg
    > Vol+: 0x73 | 0xf3 (scancodes: 0xe0 0x30 | 0xe0 0xb0)
    > + some doesn't eg:
    > play: 0x00 0x81 0xa4 | 0x80 0x81 0xa4 (scancodes: 0xe0 0x22 | 0xe0
    > 0xa2)

    You could make them work using the 'setkeycodes' command to configure
    the kernel tables, so you can put some setkeycodes lines in your init
    scripts to make those extra keys always avaliable on your console.


    David Gómez

    "The question of whether computers can think is just like the question of
    whether submarines can swim." -- Edsger W. Dijkstra
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