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    SubjectRe: swsusp: fix error handling in "not enough swap space"
    Nigel Cunningham wrote:

    > Hmm.
    > I agree with you; it does sound like the process of eating memory is
    > grabbing all the swap. I can't see how it could be doing that,
    > however. If you really want to use Pavel's version, I'd suggest
    > adding some more debug statements. Perhaps print out the number of
    > swap pages free at the start of that loop.
    Ok, now funny bit happends. Simple program like that:
    char *a=malloc(1024*1024*16);
    if (a==NULL)

    can allocate only about 200MB, than exits. That's the fist thing.
    Second one, starting KDE, and when swap usage != 0 (just to be sure
    there is no problem with any assumption), gives me loads of error
    messages (see attached file).

    Very bizzare behavior.

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