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    SubjectRe: kernel BUG at page_alloc.c:98 -- compiling with distcc
    On Friday April 2nd 2004 Marco Fais wrote:

    > [...]

    > When compiling with distcc the local system doesn't show any kernel
    > panic, while the same system used as a "remote compiler system" dies
    > very quickly.

    > >>EIP; c01372ae <__free_pages_ok+26e/280> <=====
    > ...
    > Trace; e08d7eab <[8139too]rtl8139_rx_interrupt+6b/3b0>

    > <0>Kernel panic: Aiee, killing interrupt handler!

    From a very superficial examination of your data, it looks like there is
    something going wrong in the interrupt handling of the driver for (one
    of) the network cards.

    Distcc can generate a lot of network traffic. You might experiment with
    switching the role of the two network cards (in case there might be
    something wrong with the hardware of one of them) or use the '--listen'
    directive in the distccd configuration to do so.

    If the panic is indeed caused by the network driver, then it should also
    be possible to trigger and debug this with a tool like netcat (listen on
    the panicking box with 'nc -l someport' and send some stuff from another
    box ('cat /dev/zero | nc panicker someport' or vice versa).

    Sadly, nothing of this will solve your problem of course, but it might
    pinpoint the cause somewhat more accurately, leading hopefully to a
    Marco Roeland
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