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    SubjectRe: Scheduler balancing statistics
    Rick Lindsley wrote:
    > From an analysis standpoint it would be nice to know which of
    > the major features are being activated for a particular load.
    > So imbalance-driven moves, power-driven moves, and the number of
    > times each domain tried to balance and failed would all be useful.
    > I think your output covered those.
    > It doesn't get into the finer points of how the imbalance is derived,
    > but maybe it should...
    > It's ok to wait and see if those are useful before implementing them. I
    > suspect they would be relatively easily added if they were needed.
    > One reason there are 6 versions of scheduler statistics is that the
    > information needed kept changing, both due to a better understanding of
    > bottlenecks and due to changing code.


    > Well, every domain that is reported here will cover the entire system
    > because it simply takes the sum of statistics from all domains.
    > I would suggest creating an output format that gives you all this
    > information (since we have it anyway) but I think it is quite reasonable
    > for the program which *interprets* this information to summarize it.

    OK, yeah that is a fine idea.

    > Would you say these would be in addition to the schedstats or
    > would these replace them?
    > It will replace some of them, I think.
    > That's my thought too. I would suggest that we merge them into one patch.
    > Much as I'd like to see my schedstats hit the mainline, I think it
    > is prudent to separate the major architectural changes sched-domains
    > introduces from statistics both related and unrelated to them --
    > and having two statistics patches for the scheduler, even if they are
    > complementary, makes it harder on Andrew and more confusing for users.

    No, I started with your sources, and the plan has always
    been to merge my changes back to you where possible.
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