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SubjectRe: Sensors (W83627HF) in Tyan S2882
Jan Kasprzak wrote:
> Hello, world!\n
> I have two systems with Tyan S2882 boards (K8S Pro). The sensors chip
> is Winbond w83627hf according to the mainboard documentation. The w83627hf
> driver can read values from the sensors, but apparently not all values.
> The board has six fan connectors (two labeled CPU1 fan and CPU2 fan,
> and four chassis fans). BIOS displays the fan status correctly for all fans,
> so all fans are connected to the sensors chip. However, there are only three
> fans listed in /sys/devices/platform/i2c-1/1-0290.

On the S2885 (not your model), 2 fans are handled by the w83627hf, and 4 others
by an adt7463. I see that the S2882 has an adm1027, maybe this is the chip that
handles your 3 others fans ?

Marc Bevand
Computer Science School EPITA - System, Network and Security Dept.

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