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    Subjectreiser4 and megaraid problems with debian 2.6.5
    Hi all,

    I would like to report on a problem that I am having. I am just testing
    out the new megaraid unified driver, and have been doing some baseline
    testing with bonnie++.

    My problem is that, although reiserfs, ext2, jfs and xfs all work,
    reiser4 fails with the following error:
    Can't write block.
    Bonnie: drastic I/O error (write(2)): No such file or directory

    I am using the debian prepared kernel with the debian reiser4 patch. I
    made a cursory examination of the patch, and it appears to correlate
    fairly closely with the patch from the namesys site.

    Given that this works with reiserfs, ext2, jfs and xfs it would appear
    to be a reiser4 problem, however ext3 also fails, though with a
    different error, it claims that the disk is full, but it is trying to
    write a 2 1GB files onto a 2.5GB filesystem, so it should have enough
    room, and indeed it did even work two or three times out of about 10
    runs (lots of timing :-). This implies that it might be a megaraid
    problem. As you can tell, I really have no idea ;-)

    I will try playing around tonight with an official kernel and the
    official reiser4 patch to see if that makes any difference, but would
    just like to raise this potential problem sooner rather than later.

    If I can help debug this situation (I am probably the only person
    trying this combination :-) please let me know how I should go about

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