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SubjectRe: Using compression before encryption in device-mapper
On Wed, Apr 14, 2004 at 01:44:33PM +0100, Paulo Marques wrote:
> Guillaume Lac?te wrote:
> >>>Oops ! I thought it was possible to guarantee with the Huffman encoding
> >>>(which is more basic than Lempev-Zif) that the compressed data use no
> >>>more than 1 bit for every byte (i.e. 12,5% more space).
> WTF??
> Zlib gives a maximum increase of 0.1% + 12 bytes (from the zlib manual),
> which for a 512 block will be a 2.4% guaranteed increase.
> I think that zlib already does the "if this is bigger than original, just
> mark the block type as uncompressed" algorithm internally, so the increase
> is minimal in the worst case.

It is my impression that meta-data is exactly what he wants to avoid as it would
provide known data for crackers
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