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Subject[RFT] please test the big post-2.6.5 merge

The snapshot 2.6.5-bk1 is out, and has a _ton_ of changes in it that
have been waiting to go upstream for several weeks. This snapshot
includes many more _major_ changes than most snapshots, so I wanted to
call special attention to it, and request testing and feedback from
linux-kernel denizens.

Changelog describing the 457 changes in this snapshot:


Short, jgarzik-generated list of major changes that probably want testing:
* non-exec stack support
* much better block I/O unplugging (I/O scalability)
* laptop mode
* lots of VM work (often related to I/O or Hugh's rmap/anonvma stuff)
* 4K stacks
* updated software suspend
* early x86 boot changes
* several ext2/ext3/jbd improvements
* new "CFQ" I/O scheduler
* queue congestion hooks
* DM, MD fixes (some related to the queue congestion/unplugging changes)
* posix message queue work from Manfred
* lightweight auditing framework
* reiserfs fixes and features
* readahead tweaks and fixes
* writeback tweaks
* direct-IO and AIO fixes and speed-ups
* shrinkage from Matt Mackall's -tiny tree
* /dev/urandom scalability
* update slab for per-arch alignments
* initramfs fix
* knfsd fixes and updates
* nfs client fixes/updates
* pcmcia update
* SATA update
* selinux update
* v4l update
* various arch updates: H8300, s/390, ppc32, ppc64, x86-64, nommu, arm, ...

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