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    SubjectRe: via82xx cmd line parsing is evil [was Re: Sound on newer arima notebook...]

    > > via82xx command line parsing code is *evil*. It has completely
    > > different parameters as a module / in kernel, and in-kernel parameters
    > > shift according to the joystick support! (which is config_time option). Ouch.
    > yep, i know it - it annoys me too...
    > > Is there some easy way to convert MODULE_PARM with an array to some
    > > more modern interface?
    > there is a patch pending in my tree to allow empty boot options, such
    > as
    > snd-via82xx=,,,,,2
    > but it doesn't improve so much.
    > perhaps the better way would be like
    > snd-via82xx=enable:1,ac97_quirk:4
    > ??
    > in this way, it's hard to keep the compatibility with old boot
    > parameters, but i don't think no one will complain if they see it
    > nicer.

    Its so broken that we do not want compatibility, I believe. Having to
    use snd-via82xx=,,,,,2 normally, but add one "," if joystick is
    configured in is evil.

    snd-via82xx=enable:1 syntax is ugly, too, and we have better syntax
    already. via82xx.enable=1 via82xx.ac97_quirk=2 should be possible with
    new param handling code. I'm just not sure how it is supposed to work
    with arrays:

    static char *psmouse_proto;
    static unsigned int psmouse_max_proto = -1U;
    module_param_named(proto, psmouse_proto, charp, 0);
    MODULE_PARM_DESC(proto, "Highest protocol extension to probe (bare,
    imps, exps). Useful for KVM switches.");

    ...automatically produces "proto" param for module and "psmouse.proto"
    param for kernel.

    Something similar should be the way to go.
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