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    SubjectRe: Nokia c110 driver
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    Sam Ravnborg wrote:
    | The above files are normal .o files, that should be linked in.
    | So what you do is to rename the above files to:
    | dhw.o_shipped
    | dap.o_shipped
    | dmgr.o_shipped
    | dcfg.o_shipped
    | And then in your makefile specify:
    | obj-m := cs110.o
    | cs110-y := dhw.o dap.o dmgr.o dcfg.o
    | cs110-y += <additional .o files compield from .c files>

    It compiled, finally. I have not been able to convince it to create a
    device though, but the driver at least loads. Has anything changed in
    the handling of netdevices between 2.4 and 2.6 that could cause this
    behavior? That is, the pcmcia tools notice the card and load the module,
    but then nothing else happens (module usecount 0, no netdevice present)

    Is there some kbuild howto somewhere? If not, one is definitely
    necessary I think. I had never heard about the _shipped thing (and I did
    look around a bit and read and reread the driver porting guide chapter
    on kbuild).

    Now, is there anyone else that is in possession of this card and can
    test the modified driver? I will try and make a patch tomorrow...a lot
    of changes were needed and I think it's pretty messy (I am not an
    experienced c person) but at least it compiles and loads now.
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