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    SubjectRe: smp dead lock of io_request_lock/queue_lock patch
    On Mon, 2004-01-19 at 16:36, Martin Peschke3 wrote:
    > Doug Ledford wrote:
    > > On Tue, 2004-01-13 at 15:55, Marcelo Tosatti wrote:
    > > > What is this mlqueue patchset fixing ? To tell you the truth, I'm not
    > > > aware of the SCSI stack problems.
    > >
    > > OK. This is a different problem entirely. The current 2.4 scsi stack
    > > has a problem handling QUEUE_FULL and BUSY status commands. Amongst
    > > other things, it retries the command immediately and will basically hang
    > > the SCSI bus if the low level driver doesn't intervene. Most well
    > > written drivers have workaround code in them (including my aic7xxx_old
    > > driver). The mlqueue patch changes it so that the mid layer implements
    > > delayed retries of QUEUE_FULL and BUSY commands. It also makes the mid
    > > layer recognize the situation where you get a QUEUE_FULL or BUSY command
    > > status with 0 outstanding commands. This used to cause the mid layer to
    > > hang on that device because there would be no command completion to kick
    > > the queue back into gear.
    > We also stumbled about this problem last year. Our patch wasn't
    > as sophisticated as Doug's new patch. However, it worked,
    > and some fix is certainly needed.

    I got tied up on other stuff and Marcelo's tree went into -rc mode. So,
    I waited out the next release. At this point, there is some stuff up
    and available for testing. There are some very minimal patches in the
    bk:// tree. The 2.4-drivers tree
    is just a clone of the 2.4-for-marcelo tree because I haven't done the
    drivers yet. The 2.4-everything tree includes the io_request_lock
    patch, the few patches the io_request_lock patch depended on, the
    softirq patch, the mlqueue fixes patch, and some more misc. stuff. I'm
    not done with the 2.4-everything tree, but what I've got so far is now
    working for me. I haven't done much testing yet so caveat emptor. I'll
    make another announcement when I've both A) finished putting everything
    in the 2.4-everything tree that I was planning on putting in and B)
    completed the audit of the code to make sure the merges were all
    successful. But I know Jens had asked to see the mlqueue patch in
    particular, so I figured I would announce that the forward ported
    version is in the 2.4-everything tree for people to look at.

    The number of pure bugfix patches in the 2.4-for-marcelo tree is
    actually pretty small. The biggest bugfix patch by far is the mlqueue
    patch in the 2.4-everything tree, but it depends on a lot of other stuff
    so it would be hard to stick it into the 2.4-for-marcelo tree. Quite a
    few of the patches in the 2.4-everything tree are there for performance
    reasons only, but they do a pretty good job of making the 2.4 scsi stack
    not feel like it's moving at about the same speed as a heavily salted

    Doug Ledford <> 919-754-3700 x44233
    Red Hat, Inc.
    1801 Varsity Dr.
    Raleigh, NC 27606

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