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    Subjectamd64-agp strangeness

    i believe there is some problems with amd64-agp driver.

    on vanilla kernels, i have tried (2.6.0-test4 - 2.6.4-rc2) it doesent
    work, the X just freezes before the wm start, and i cant stop X or
    anything, but i can ssh into it, restart box, if i kill X, the box locks
    up, so even magic sysrq key doesent work.
    in 2.6.4-rc1-mm2 it worked... almost... sometimes the box could freeze
    and X used 100% cpu, but i could still ssh into it. and restart.
    now with 2.6.4-rc2-mm1 it doesent work either.

    without the amd64-agp i have alot slower graphics, and whenever i start
    anything that uses opengl, X goes to 100% cpu usage. but with amd64-agp
    like 1-10%

    any ideas? or known fixes

    my system specs:
    asus k8v deluxe with via k8t800 chipset
    amd64 3200+
    gf4 mx 440 agp8x
    Regards, Redeeman

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