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SubjectRe: Is there some bug in ext3 in 2.4.25?


This sounds like memory corruption (which could be caused by a misbehaving
driver or by flaky hardware) because transaction->t_ilist is not used at
all by the kernel code. Did this box run stable with other kernels?

I found a similar report from Michelle (CCed), which can be found at:

Searching a bit more, I found another message from Michelle with
topic "[SOLVED] Kernel-Bug (at checkpoint.c 587)"

Unfortunately the said message is in German, which I can't understand.
Michelle, can you clarify it for me?

Stephen, Andrew, any idea how can transaction->t_ilist become not NULL?

On Thu, 4 Mar 2004, Daniel Fenert wrote:

> Message from syslogd@lazy at Thu Mar 4 08:31:58 2004 ...
> lazy kernel: Assertion failure in __journal_drop_transaction() at
> checkpoint.c:587: "transaction->t_ilist == NULL"
> Networking still works, I've tried to login, but no luck here.
> I've got one ssh console opened, and tried to reboot, but nothing happend, it
> looks like it lost connection with hda :(
> Where should I look for reason?
> Machine as faaar away, and it's second or third time it hangs mysteriously,
> the only difference is that this time I've got some console output.

From Fri Mar 5 10:48:26 2004
Date: Thu, 4 Mar 2004 08:03:29 +0100
From: Daniel Fenert <>
Subject: Re: Is there some bug in ext3 in 2.4.25?

>Message from syslogd@lazy at Thu Mar 4 08:31:58 2004 ...
>lazy kernel: Assertion failure in __journal_drop_transaction() at
>checkpoint.c:587: "transaction->t_ilist == NULL"

One more thing - it has happened when /var got full.

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