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    SubjectRe: Intel vs AMD64

    > >Yes, "implementation specific" is one of the differences between
    > >IA-32e
    > >and AMD64, i.e. that behavior is architecturally defined on AMD64,
    > >but
    > >on IA-32e (as I posted):
    > > Near branch with 66H prefix:
    > > As documented in PRM the behavior is implementation specific and
    > >should
    > > avoid using 66H prefix on near branches.
    > In other words, Intel's implementation deviates from the architecture
    > as defined by AMD. So it's not 100% compatible. I just want this
    > point to be clear.
    > If these sorts of branches are common enough (and I suspect they
    > are), then this sort of deviation could have a notable code-size (and

    They are not.
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