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Subjecthard lockup w/ dvdrecord to ieee1394 drive

Using 2.6.3, if I try to use dvdrecord (dvdrtools v0.1.4) to record to
a firewire dvd burner, the entire system locks up. (To the extend that
alt-sysrq doesn't work)

I can sucessfully burn a dvd onto the same drive using growisofs,
which uses the cdrom driver (sr_mod) instead of the scsi generic
driver (sg) used by dvdrecord.

I tried updating to the latest ieee1394 code (as of this morning, from which did not seem to help.

With 2.6.1, I had problems with sbp2 and hostap_plx, which are sharing
the same interrupt. (I got it to work by updating to 2.6.3) This may
be related.

System is a dual athlon, if that makes any difference.

Can anyone else duplicate this problem?

"The blues are multicolored." -- Dave Lambert

Daniel Risacher
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