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Subjectkbuild will remove .c files
I added a new config to my kernel, and hadn't done a bk -r get in quite
a while. Turns out the subdir relevant to the config item hits the make
builtin to get the file (since it had been missing), but then kbuild
assembles, links, links, and finally removes the .c file. This will
be done everytime, since the .c file is now gone. While a preemptive
bk -r get is the obvious solution here (or even a after the fact bk get
$missing.c), is this a possible very small buglet in kbuild?

Here's some relevant output:

get net/irda/irlan/SCCS/s.irlan_client.c
net/irda/irlan/irlan_client.c 1.8: 565 lines
CC net/irda/irlan/irlan_client.s
as -o net/irda/irlan/irlan_client.o net/irda/irlan/irlan_client.s
LD net/irda/irlan/irlan.o
LD net/irda/irlan/built-in.o
rm net/irda/irlan/irlan_client.c

And only the net/irda/irlan/.irlan_client.s.cmd is created.

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