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    SubjectLinux 2.4.26-pre6

    Here goes the last -pre of 2.4.26 series.

    It contains an ACPI update, SPARC/m68k/x86-64 (the latter adding
    basic support for Intel IA32e), amongst others.

    Detailed changelog follows

    Summary of changes from v2.4.26-pre5 to v2.4.26-pre6

    o [SPARC64]: Update defconfig
    o [SPARC64]: Fix sys32_mount type arg handling

    o [ACPI] check "maxcpus=N" early -- same as NR_CPUS check
    o [ACPI] clean up acpi_disabled use __initdata on IA64 was a bug since it is referenced by modules.
    o [ACPI] create disable_acpi()
    o [ACPI] fix interrupt behind yenta cardbus bridge (David Shaohua Li)
    o [ACPI] delete POWER_OF_2 array (Pavel Machek)
    o [ACPI] toshiba_acpi 0.18 from John Belmonte add missing copyin
    o [ACPI] ACPI SCI shall be level/low unless explicit over-ride add "acpi_sci=edge" and "acpi_sci=high" manual over-ride

    o Avoid readahead from reading last page of file
    o Changed EXTRAVERSION to -pre6

    o Fix bogus vmalloc() vm_area_free_pages call

    Andi Kleen:
    o x86-64 update: simple support for IA32e/EM64T

    Daniel Ritz:
    o yenta pcmcia driver: add some cardbus bridges to override lis

    Geert Uytterhoeven:
    o Mac baboon warning
    o Amiga Oktagon URL
    o Mac missing include
    o M68k keyboard

    Jeff Garzik:
    o [MAINTAINERS] remove defunct linux-via mailing list
    o [scsi] export scsi_finish_command
    o [pci] add a couple of constants

    Trond Myklebust:
    o NFS: Make sure that fsync() flushes all pending file data to disk. The current call to nfs_wb_file() will fail to flush out mmapped() dirty pages.
    o NFS: make sure we revalidate attributes on completing a rename(): the server should normally update the ctime...

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