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SubjectRe: ATARAID/FakeRAID/HPTRAID/PDCRAID as dm targets?
christophe varoqui wrote:
>>>>> - Would an EVMS plugin or a simple script calling dmsetup be the
>>>>> way to
>>>>> go? If I go the dmsetup route, is there any chance to get partition
>>>>> detection on top of the ATARAID for free (by calling another dm tool)?
>>>> This was posted a while back; I don't know what the status of it being
>>>> merged into util-linux is.
>> Christophe V.: What is the currrent status of your work?
> It mutated into kpartx, as I ported the compilation to klibc.
> It is functionaly unchanged since that LWN report.
> I know it works for partitioned multipath devmaps, partitioned loops,
> partioned md ...
> It needs more testing and a lot of integration thinking.

Oh, you will get a lot of testing once I use kpartx to handle partitions
on top of ataraid. I'm aiming for a working solution at the end of this week.


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