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SubjectRe: OSS: cleanup or throw away
Em Seg, 2004-03-22 às 19:27, Diego Calleja García escreveu:
> El Mon, 22 Mar 2004 22:57:09 +0100 Adrian Bunk <> escribió:
> > OSS will stay in 2.6 (2.6 is a stable kernel series) but it will most
> > likely be removed in 2.7.
> Personally, as an user, I'd like to have the OSS drivers which don't have
> a ALSA equivalent for my old hardware. There're several
> sound cards with both ALSA and OSS drivers where ALSA works
> much better 99% of the time. Those could be safely removed
> (even in the 2.6 timeframe, I'd argue) but I'd like to keep the ones
> without an alsa equivalent for my old hardware (specially now that we
> have a -tiny tree ;) however I can understand that if they don't
> have a maintainer they'll get removed...

Also, I think is not good for the kernel to have code that does not
compile and/or compile with several warnings.

So, if someone have time to work on it, is not bad.

Luiz Fernando N. Capitulino

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