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SubjectRe: [PATCH] cowlinks v2
Neat stuff!  But...

Jörn Engel <> writes:

> + * Files with the S_COWLINK flag set cannot be written to, if more
> + * than one hard link to them exists. Ultimately, this function
> + * should copy the inode, assign the copy to the dentry and lower use
> + * count of the old inode - one day.

What happens if the disk fills while you are making the copy? Will
open(2) on an *existing file* then return ENOSPC?

I do not think you can implement this without changing the interface
to open(2). Which means applications have to be made aware of it
anyway. Which means you might as well leave your implementation as-is
and let userspace worry about creating the copy (and dealing with the
resulting errors).

- Pat
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