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    Subjectkernel compilation

    I am a new bie in the list. I have a doubt. It is about kernel compilation.
    I use linux-2.4.20-8 in redhat 9. In the default kernel after i giving
    the lsmod command it will list the following list

    Module Size Used by Not tainted
    sr_mod 18136 0 (autoclean)
    i810_audio 27720 0 (autoclean)
    ac97_codec 13640 0 (autoclean) [i810_audio]
    soundcore 6404 2 (autoclean) [i810_audio]
    parport_pc 19076 1 (autoclean)
    lp 8996 0 (autoclean)
    parport 37056 1 (autoclean) [parport_pc lp]
    autofs 13268 0 (autoclean) (unused)
    microcode 4668 0 (autoclean)
    8139too 18088 1
    mii 3976 0 [8139too]
    ide-scsi 12208 0
    scsi_mod 107160 2 [sr_mod ide-scsi]
    ide-cd 35708 0
    cdrom 33728 0 [sr_mod ide-cd]
    keybdev 2944 0 (unused)
    mousedev 5492 1
    hid 22148 0 (unused)
    input 5856 0 [keybdev mousedev hid]
    ehci-hcd 19976 0 (unused)
    usb-ohci 21480 0 (unused)
    usbcore 78784 1 [hid ehci-hcd usb-ohci]
    ext3 70784 7
    jbd 51892 7 [ext3]

    After compilation the new kernel is booting and i could not get the USB
    mouse and Xserver. At the prompt i give ls mode it will give only the
    following line.
    Module Size Used by Not tainted

    I compile the source in /usr/src/linux-2.4.20-8/ using the commands

    make xconfig
    make dep
    make clean
    make bzImage

    after this i move the bzImage to the boot directory and edit grub to boot
    the new kernel.

    How to load all modules in the default kernel into the new kernel.
    or How to make a kernel image that contain all the default modules and my
    new option given in make xconfig.

    Sorry for this long mail to this list and my not good english.

    If this is not a list to ask this type of questions please give the
    apropriate list name

    With regards

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