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    SubjectRe: ANYONE? Re: SMP + Hyperthreading / Asus PCDL Deluxe / Kernel 2.4.x 2.6.x / Crash/Freeze
    On Saturday 20 March 2004 14:33, Richard Browning wrote:
    > Is there anyone in kernelland who is tackling this? I'm currently in the
    > throes of recompiling everything with -march=pentium3 -O2 to see if these
    > simple flags make a difference (as I reiterate, Windoze XP works without
    > problem). I refuse to believe that I will have to use XP in order to get my
    > money's worth. I've always thought anything Doze can do, GNU/Linux does
    > better!

    It's been pointed out to me that this Doze-vs-Linux comparison won't help. If
    you're offended by it, please don't be. I've been a supporter and contributer
    to the GNU cause for the last six years and I'm not going to stop. However
    this is the first serious issue that I've come across re: the kernel and
    incompatible hardware and I would like to see it fixed. Like I've said, I
    want to help pinpoint the problem - but no-one's asking.

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