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SubjectRe: poll() in 2.6 and beyond
    Richard> Well the device's poll function isn't getting called the
Richard> second time with 2.6.0. I never checked it in 2.4.x
Richard> because it always worked. This problem occurs in a
Richard> driver that only returns the fact that one event
Richard> occurred. When it failed to report the event when built
Richard> with a newer kernel, I added diagnostics which showed
Richard> that the poll in the driver was only called once --and
Richard> that the return from poll_wait happened immediately.

Your driver is buggy. It's not surprising since you fundamentally
don't understand the kernel interface you're trying to use.

Richard> So, if the poll_wait isn't a wait-function, but just some
Richard> add-wakeup to the queue function, then its name probably
Richard> should have been changed when it changed. At one time it
Richard> did, truly, wait until it was awakened with
Richard> wake_up_interruptible.

When did it change? Show me a kernel version where poll_wait() waited
until the driver woke it up. (Kernel versions at least as far back as
1.0 are readily available from, so it should be easy for

- Roland
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