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    SubjectRe: [Swsusp-devel] Re: The verdict on the future of suspending to disk?
    Without reliability and being able to suspend at any load
    (when the batteries/UPS go flat) software suspend is all
    but useless. What for suspend if it does not resume and
    eats work left in RAM?

    Common users objectives for a software suspend mechanism are:

    1. To not impair system reliability. It must run without crash
    and reboots between kernel upgrades.
    100 cycles in 2 hours is a quickie
    1000 cycles in a day are a short test
    xxxx cycles in a month are a life test

    2. To handle any cpu and io load
    10+ concurrent unixbenchs, 4 concurrent dd loops, nfs and ssh
    cross accesses, Load avg 20-40, cs of 100,000, 20MB io
    sustained for days at a cycle a minute... No freezing failures

    3. To support the spectrum of user requirements wrt functionality
    for portable, desktop, and embedded apps

    4. To handle driver suspend and resume at any time. Apps should not
    have to be terminated.

    Swsusp2 meets 1. and 2. and many of 3. Swsusp2 is also modular and can be
    expanded to add things like NFS suspend/resume.

    1. and 2. require a sophisticated freezing mechanism and kernel level
    "intrusion". Most of this "intrusion" is simetrical and easily understood.
    This is what UGLY macros are for.

    3. Can be argued about: Compression or no compression, reboot functionality
    for multi boot or not, Escape or no Escape (I need it every day) -
    If you ever would dare to suspend you would want an Escape function too! :-)

    4. Requires PM fixes and driver level intrusion, can be worked around by
    killing apps and unloading drivers. Eventually this has to be fixed.

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