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SubjectRe: unionfs
=?iso-8859-1?Q?J=F6rn?= Engel <> said:
> Horst von Brand <> said:


> What looks like a promising idea for this problem and others is to
> have visible and invisible inodes. All current filesystems know only
> visible inodes. Invisible ones have no dentry linking to them
> directly, only indirectly through files/links with cow semantics.

But this is then _one_ filesystem, not a stack of them added/deleted in
random order while running. _So_ it is easy... and mostly useless.


> > IIRC, this has been discussed a couple of times before, and the consensus
> > each time was that it isn't /that hard/ to do, it is /hard or impossible/
> > to find a sensible, simple semantics for this. The idea was then dropped...

> Yeah, maybe. My personal consensus right now is that this actually
> looks very simple. Not sure how much time I will find, but it should
> definitely be finished for 2.8.

As I said: Not too hard, doable. But not sensibly. And needs to mess with
_all_ filesystems (on disk and kernel guts) if they want to someday perhaps
somewhere participate... Besides, the people asking for this mostly really
want version control, or get what they want from symlink farms.
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