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SubjectRe: Patch - make config_max_raw_devices work
Anton Blanchard <> wrote:
> > Badari wrote basically the same patch a couple of months back. I dropped
> > it then, too ;)
> >
> > raw is a deprecated interface and if we keep on adding new features to it,
> > we will never be rid of the thing. If your application requires more than
> > 256 raw devices, please convert it to open the block device directly,
> > passing in the O_DIRECT flag.
> We only deprecated this thing on the 4th Feb 2004. I want to see the raw
> driver die but we cant expect apps to change their interfaces in the space
> of a month.

Nobody has complained about the 256-device limit thus far. I fully
expected to lose this one, but I don't think I've bitched about it enough

> Can we reach a compromise? :)

OK, how about a udelay(10) in each I/O?
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