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SubjectRe: (0 == foo), rather than (foo == 0)
On Wed, 10 Mar 2004 11:46:40 +0530 Godbole, Amarendra \(GE Consumer & Industrial\) wrote:

| Hi,
| While writing code, the assignment operator (=) is many-a-times confused with the comparison operator (==) resulting in very subtle bugs difficult to track. To keep a check on this -- the constant can be written on the LHS rather than the RHS which will result in a compile time error if wrong operator is used.

Yes, we know.

| Is this an encouraged practice while writing any code for the kernel ? Or is this choice left to the developer ? I was unable to find any reference to it in the CodingStyle document. I did find some code under drivers/ which used (NULL == foo) and similar constructs.

I prefer that it be left to each developer.

| Can this be added to the CodingStyle document ?

Hopefully not. Some of us think that it's ugly.

BTW, can you use CR/LF every 70 characters or so, please?

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