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    SubjectRe: [Announce] Intel PRO/Wireless 2100 802.11b driver
    Timothy Miller wrote:
    > Jeff Garzik wrote:
    >> vda wrote:
    >>> *FLAME ALERT*
    >>> /me is slowly getting mad about his prism54 11g hardware
    >>> and its firmware, with neither firmware authors nor documentation
    >>> for this pile of silicon crap nowhere in sight
    >>> What's so cool about having binary firmware? Bugs are bugs,
    >>> and you won't be able to even see bugs, less fix, in it.
    >>> I don't like being at the mercy of firmware authors.
    >> Well that's typical in wireless, unfortunately. Certain parts of
    >> wireless are political tennis balls with the US govt. and FCC.
    >> Sometimes "put it in firmware" is the only way get ever get open
    >> source drivers at all :/
    >> I'll pick firmware over no-driver any day.
    > Hmmm... As you may know, I'm a chip designer...
    > Are there not open specs on the wireless protocols? Could we not design
    > our own open-source wireless network hardware? What would the US
    > government have to say about an open-source implementation? Are there
    > patents which would impede us?

    These are honest questions, but with all due respect, I would rather not
    dive further into the mess :)


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