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SubjectRe: Worrisome IDE PIO transfers...
Am Mo, den 01.03.2004 schrieb Bartlomiej Zolnierkiewicz um 01:47:

> Guess what's this? :)

The thieves... they've stolen my precioussss. ;)

> It is simply a stripped down dm-crypt.c, so all credits go to Christophe.
> I have tested it quickly with loop device and it seems to work.

Yes, it's not that complicated. Looks good.
BTW: You don't need the km_types voodoo as the conversion routine is
never called from a softirq context and you are allowed (but should try
to avoid it) to sleep. You could add a conditional reschedule after
kunmapping the buffers to keep the latency low on non-preempt kernels.

BTW: I've got some cleanups and a small fix in Andrew's latest tree
(using a #define for the log prefix and I bvec array thingy).

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