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SubjectRe: [Kgdb-bugreport] [KGDB PATCH][1/7] Add / use kernel/Kconfig.kgdb
On Saturday 28 Feb 2004 6:38 am, George Anzinger wrote:
> Pavel Machek wrote:
> > Hi!
> >
> >>>+config KGDB_THREAD
> >>>+ bool "KGDB: Thread analysis"
> >>>+ depends on KGDB
> >>>+ help
> >>>+ With thread analysis enabled, gdb can talk to kgdb stub to list
> >>>+ threads and to get stack trace for a thread. This option also
> >>>enables
> >>>+ some code which helps gdb get exact status of thread. Thread
> >>>analysis
> >>>+ adds some overhead to schedule and down functions. You can disable
> >>>+ this option if you do not want to compromise on speed.
> >>
> >>Lets remove the overhead and eliminate the need for this option in favor
> >> of always having threads. Works in the mm kgdb...
> >
> > No. Thread analysis is unsuitable for the mainline (manipulates
> > sched.c in ugly way). It may be okay for -mm, but in such case it
> > should better be separated.
> Not in the -mm version. I agree that sched.c should NEVER be treated this
> way and it is not in the -mm version. I also think that, most of the time,
> it is useful to have the thread stuff, but that may be just my usage...

If threads stuff didn't introduce any unclean code changes, I too would prefer
to have it on all the time. As things stands, threads stuff is rather


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