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    SubjectRe: Freeing skbuff (was: Re: Sending built-by-hand packet and kernel panic.)
    > Thanks a lot for pointing out these problems. I had completely missed them.
    > However, my overall problem is not solved. As far as my investigations
    > led me, my sk_buff structure is never released after having been sent on
    > the wire. So I guess I need an explicit destructor function in my
    > sk_buff as the following is present in the definition of struct sk_buff:
    > void (*destructor)(struct sk_buff *); /* Destruct function
    > */

    Hi Emmanuel, maybe the call that sends to skb (NF_HOOK) is returning
    a non-zero error code. In that case it is your responsability [1] to free the


    [1] This is true for many parts of the kernel but not all. I don't know what
    NF_HOOK is so this may not apply here.
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