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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] PCI / OF linkage in sysfs
    > Maybe just "platform-data" or something. But if "devspec" has magic 
    > meaning on a Mac, and since this would be inherently platform-specific
    > _anyway_, I don't actually see any reason to not use "devspec".

    No, no magic. Could have been "OF_path" but uppercase are ugly :)

    > On some platforms, we might have multiple different entries (eg on a PC we
    > might have pointers to ACPI data, to PnP data and to EFI data, all at the
    > same time. I hope we never will, but maybe there would be reason for it).
    > That would argue _against_ a "generic" name like "platform", and for
    > something that is actually very much specific to the kind of data it
    > points to (eg "of-data" rather than "platform-data").

    Maybe anything prefixed by "platform" ? like "platform-fwpath" for OF
    spec, etc...

    > End result: I don't think we much care about the name. Whatever makes you
    > happy. As long as the source code is clean and something like
    > "pcibios_add_platform_entries()" at least makes that come true.

    Ok. I dislike #ifdef's too indeed. I was probably too lazy to add the
    empty inline to all archs :) I'll do a new patch.


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