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SubjectRe: kgdb support in vanilla 2.6.2
Tom Rini <> wrote:
> Andrew, what features of George's version don't you like?

This is bad:

akpm:/usr/src/25> grep '^+#ifdef' patches/kgdb-ga.patch | wc -l

and the fact that it touches 36 different files.

Any time I've had to do any maintenance work against that stub I get lost
in a twisty maze and just whine at George about it. It's just all over the
place. Yes, this is partly the nature of the beast, but I don't see that a
ton of effort has been put into reducing the straggliness.

> Right now
> I'm working on moving the kgdb-eth driver that uses netpoll over
> into Amit's version, and thinking of a cleaner away to allow for both
> early debugging and multiple drivers (eth or serial A or serial B).

Sounds good.

Look, there's a lot of interest in this and I of course am fully
supportive. If someone could send me Amit's patchset when they think I
should test it, I could then talk about it more usefully.
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