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    SubjectRe: A Layered Kernel: Proposal

    On 29 Feb 2004, Christer Weinigel wrote:

    > Grigor Gatchev <> writes:
    > > > In the linux kernel I think that one of the most important things I've
    > > > learned from it: middle layers are usually wrong. Instead of hiding a
    > > > device driver behind a middle layer, expose the low level device
    > > > driver, but give it a library of common functions to build upon. That
    > > > way the driver is in control all the time and can use all the neat
    > > > features of the hardware if it wants to, but for all the common tasks
    > > > that have to be done, hand them over to the library.
    > >
    > > By principle, the "least common denominator" type container layers are
    > > bad, because of not being extendable; you are completely right here. A
    > > class-like driver object model seems better to me. And the class-like
    > > model is not the only one that is nicely extendable.
    > > You seem to be knowledgeable on the topic - what driver object model
    > > would you suggest for a driver layer model?
    > Thanks for the confidence, bur I really don't know, it's much easier
    > to criticize someone elses design than to come up with a good one
    > myself. :-)

    Okay. I will try (hope I'll have the time for all!) to outline the major
    driver layer models, with simple lists of advantages and disadvantages,
    and to present it as a base for further discussion. (Please keep in mind
    that this outline will certainly be not the best ever to exist - maybe a
    lot of people around will be able to make it much better. But, anyway,
    they will be given the full opportunity to criticize and improve. :-)

    > With that said, I think that they way the Linux kernel is moving
    > regarding to IDE/SCSI devices is a good idea. Linux has been around
    > for a while now and the Linux people have tried lots of things that
    > turned out not to be such a good idea after all. Many things are
    > still there in the kernel, but if it's important enough, it gets
    > cleaned up after a while.

    If you mean the abandoning of the SCSI emulation, I couldn't agree more.
    Though I haven't digged into the code of this driver group, the move seems
    only logical from design viewpoint.

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