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Subject[PATCH 0/9] New set of input patches
Hi Vojtech,

Here is the new set of input patches that I have. You have seen some of
them, buit this time they are rediffed against 2.6.4-rc1 and in nice order.

simple whitespace fixes

clean up bad merge in atkbd module (get rid of MODULE_PARMs,
atkbd_softrepeat was declared twice)

some hardware (PowerBook) require relaxed Synaptics protocol checks,
but relaxed checks hurt hardware implementing proper protocol when
device looses sync. With the patch synaptics driver analyzes first
full data packet and either staus in relaxed mode or switches into
strict mode.

simple whitespace fixes

some mice do not ACK "disable streaming mode" command causing psmouse
driver abort initialization without any indication to the user. This
is a regression compared to 2.4. Have kernel complain but continue
with prbing hardware (after all we got valid responce from GET ID

introduce module_param_array_named() modeled after module_param_named
that allows mapping array module option to

complete moving input drivers to the new way of handling module
parameters using module_param()

introduce __obsolete_setup(). This is a drop-in replacement for
__setup() for truly obsolete options. Kernel will complain when sees
such an option.

document removed or renamed options in input drivers using
__obsolete_setup() so users will have some clue why old options
stopped having any effect.

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